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Stor-Age To Open New Store In Somerset West Retail Precinct

With 33 self storage properties in the portfolio - 17 trading stores, 8 new developments and 8 existing store acquisitions, Stor-Age is South Africa’s leading self-storage company with the most recognised brand.

Since Stor-Age opened its first self storage facility in Edgemead in 2006, the company has rapidly expanded its Footprint. There are currently 17 stores trading across Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. With new store construction in progress and imminent property acquisitions in place, the total portfolio sits in excess of R1 .5 billion across the 33 properties. The development of a flagship property in Mt. Edgecornbe Durban during the course of the Following 12 months will see Stor-Age establish itself in all of South Africa's six major cities, the first self storage company to achieve this. The trademark red-branded buildings are situated in prime locations with high visibility to passing traffic, allowing for easy access and convenience.

Stor-Age Somerset West will be a multi-story self storage facility forming part of the new Helderberg Hyper Mall, being developed by Acucap Properties. This store will compliment Stor-Age's existing portfolio of stores in Cape Town which include Gardens, Sea Point, Tokai, Maitland, Edgemead, Table View, Bellville and Pinehurst, along with a new flagship store being developed in Claremont.

Stor-Age Self Storage Somerset West 3D

The three storey building has been designed by both MLB Architects and W-Architects in conjunction With Stor-Age. The mall is being built by Neil Muller Construction with Madison Construction Group and Steel Sell Storage Systems [454) managing Stor-Age's fit out of the space. The store will otter more than 500 sell storage units ranging in size from 3 m2 to 30 m2.Tl1e inclusion to sell storage as a retail offering into a mall is a concept which has been well executed in the US market, with Stor-Age being the first operator to introduce such on offering in December 2012 to its Constantia Kloof store in Johannesburg. This store too operates alongside a Checkers Hyper and to date, tremendous benefit has been seen with the store co-existing in such a retail environment.

Stor-Age Self Storage Gardens reception

The new store will set itself apart relative to the existing self storage providers in the immediate Helderberg market, with its safe and convenient location and due To the fact that it has been designed with The customer in mind. Customers will first be greeted with a modern and sophisticated retail store onsite, which for convenience will provide all consumables linked to moving, packing and storing, as well as an easy to use self storage insurance offering to safeguard their assets. All parking will be catered for within a secure enclosure in designated under cover loading bays.

Customers can access their goods 24/7 365 days a year and security is a defining feature at all of the stores. The building will be Fitted with the latest technology and security systems, including electric fencing, CCTV, validated entry and access and 24/7 on-site security.

A unique feature of Stor-Age's product offering is the availability of a free van service. This service is offered to all customers for first time move-ins and provides the utmost level of convenience for users needing to transport their goods.

Stor-Age Self Storage Gardens lift area

User base
Customers are split into two distinct segments, domestic and commercial, with the domestic segment split further into two categories "event-driven” and "lifestyle". Every time there is a life changing event, namely a death, divorce, a family member leaving home or losing employment, building alterations or scaling up or down, there is a natural demand for the self storage product. Lifestyle users see their rented storage space as an extension at their home and it allows them the opportunity to "declutter" and improve the quality at their living space by storing many items that they use occasionally in a location which is convenient, safe and cost effective.

On the commercial side, clients range from corporates storing stock, documents, files and excess furniture to SME’s using their space is an extension of their business premises. Given the nature of the month-to-month rental contracts and the range of unit sizes, the product Works particularly well for the SME market because it provides them with flexibility for their space requirements which is cost effective. Very often SME operators in this market are hampered by the long leases and built-in price escalations on traditional commercial property leases. This user segment in particular enjoys the Stor-Age Business Centre offering on-site which provides scan, copy, fax and email facilities at dedicated work stations at no additional cost.

Customers in self storage hallway

The success of Stor-Age can be attributed to many factors including the densification of urban areas and the reduction in people's living spaces. Whether moving house, redecorating maximising your current space or extending your office, there are plenty of reasons why one might need extra space to store belongings. With friendly, trained and professional staff, Stor-Age provides a high standard of service and a wide variety of storage options to suit all needs.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 13 September 2013 | New Stores