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Storage Of Vending Machines Helps Cheshire Homes

There are 500 brand new vending machines at Stor-Age Edgemead packed by some friendly people at Cheshire Homes South Africa. Or at least there was last night. That is when all 500 were packed on a truck destined for Stor-Age Midrand in Johannesburg, where they will be stored until such time as they are distributed to the final selling points around Gauteng and Pretoria. You will recognise the vending machine from the Eric Miles Cheshire Homes sticker on the glass.

Stor-Age helps store Cheshire Homes vending machines

We spotted the vending machines being packed into a truck and caught up with the business owner who told us a little more. "The glass is actually a polycarbonate material imported from New Zealand. It is the same material they use to produce windows on aeroplanes, so it is very strong and safe." This presumably protects the unit from vandalism but also ensure they are safe for children who naturally want to find out what is in the beautiful colour balls contained within the machine. The balls inside the vending machine are full with various toys and trinkets. They are completed and packed by many disabled members at Cheshire Homes and they receive a small commission for their work as the vending machines dispense their goods.

Vending machine at Stor-Age Edgemead

It is great to be a small part of this process as those with a disability are given a chance to work. The vending machines are active 24 hours a day. The business owner commented, "They are like my little soldiers, they always arrive for work." Hopefully the units will not stand too long at Stor-Age Midrand until they are shipped out to start their jobs helping the disabled earn a living.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 August 2014 | Charity