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Storage Unit Guidelines

Hiring a storage unit is a necessity that simply appears when you move, but that doesn't mean you won't have to prepare for it. The following tips aim to give you a hand when you need a good storage unit. They will also prepare you, giving you a chance to protect your belongings the right way.

Pallets can help
If you take the time to pack and wrap your items on a pallet the move in and move out process can be greatly shortened. Creating pallets per room is also a very effective way to organize your goods and helps when unpacking as you can simply drop the pallet in the room it is needed.

One of the other useful ways you can protect whatever you're storing is to wrap them up with plastic wrap. This will seal them up from bugs and dust and ensure your valuable items are received in exactly the same condition as the day you put them into self storage.

Stor-Age Gardens

Using a strong, smaller lock will be a necessity. If your self storage unit is outside make sure you pick one that is weather-resistant as well as hardened against bolt cutters. Many self storage facilities have units under cover inside buildings and this means your padlock should last a lot longer.

You might be aware of what goes where when you're packing, however you will barely remember months or even more down the line. Keeping a good inventory list of all the possessions inside will give you a great deal of control over everything when you need to pull things out of storage. Make sure you label all boxes with their full contents so you can get the job done right.

Temperature variations
These may not be a problem, depending on where your storage is, however in many cases the ups and downs between hot and cold may create condensation. That is why you need to make sure your belongings are well-protected against it. This is especially important for sensitive items, such as electronics, records and more.

Mind the storage space
Another thing worth keeping in mind is that the storage space also needs to be protected against damages on your part, as there are some pretty hefty fees in cases like these. So keep that in mind and do your best not to harm your hired space.

The last entry on our list, stacking is one of the most essential skills you will have to master if you want to be efficient at storage. Make sure you stack all the way to the ceiling and keep heavy boxes on the bottom. Support tall piles of boxes and stack them in ways that will allow them stability.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 02 September 2013 | Tips And Hints