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Storage Wars In South Africa

You may have seen the television series Storage Wars on the History Channel in South Africa and thought, “I would love to do that!” The American procedure of selling items from self storage units is not yet followed in South Africa and it may be quite some time before we do get there. The shows’ popularity has sky rocketed in the USA and it is the number one most watched show in the history of A&E Network’s series shows. There are a number of reasons that the show is so popular not least of which is the enormous number of self storage stores in America. It is estimated there are more than 50 000 self storage stores in America and while South Africa may not reach those heights it is a fact that more and more self storage stores are opening their doors around the world daily. The other reason the show is well watched is because there is a buzz about what you may find inside a self storage unit. The excitement of the unknown discovery has many people hooked and keeps them coming back for more.

Storage Wars in South Africa

That one amazing find is what drives the show’s stars to keep bidding on each new self storage unit and what keeps the audience entertained. This hope for ‘that one gem’ has fuelled the success of Storage Wars and has seen a spin off for A&E in terms of online games like Storage Wars Locker Match and Storage Wars Locker Slots on Facebook which has received a staggering 282,337 ‘likes’, as of 8 March 2013.

At Stor-Age we receive about one request a day to purchase goods from self storage units, however we do not sell goods in our self storage units to the public and the procedures followed are quite strict and lengthy. This means that many people are turned away disappointed with not being able to participate in what is fast becoming a global phenomenon. All though the auction type sale of self storage unit has not yet hit South African shores we are sure it will in the future. In the meantime we suggest making sure you pay your self storage unit rent or at the very least let us know how we can help. It is always best when the property owner gets to keep all of their goods. Remember if it is worth storing then it is worth keeping, so if you don’t need the item, sell it, donate it or give it to a friend.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 08 April 2013 | News And Events