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Stressed and anxious? Perhaps it’s time to declutter

We are constantly being bombarded by messages of items that we ‘need’. From the latest gadget to the quirky vase – it is easy to get caught up in buying more ‘stuff’.

More often than not, these items accumulate and create a cluttered environment. What you may not realise is that these items also create an unhealthy environment – and here is why.

Remove the mess, reduce the stress

Experts continue to tell us that mess adds an enormous amount of stress to our lives. A cluttered environment ambushes the mind with excessive stimuli, blurring lines of clarity on what is important. Clutter creates a sense of distraction, making it difficult to physically and mentally relax, continually reminding your brain that there is work to be done. This stress can very often lead to feelings of anxiety and guilt. In addition, clutter is known to prevent the flow of creativity and productivity, creating a circle of frustration.

By decluttering and removing the mess in a room, you are not only freeing up space, but you are freeing up your mind. Reducing stress is just one health benefit of decluttering – making the aesthetic result that much more attractive.

Netflix has just dedicated an entire show to decluttering. ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’, a series focused on inspiring home makeovers and the process of decluttering. The show was an instant hit with Twitter soon overflowing with Tweets from declutter ‘Konverts’.

Watch the series teaser here.

Declutter to improve attention and productivity

Princeton researchers have discovered that a cluttered environment presents an overflow of items competing for your attention. This distracting clutter leads to poor focus and a negative impact on the ability to be productive. Decluttering will reduce the number of items in the environment, streamlining attention and improving productivity.

Reduction of anxiety 

There is a mountain of negative health effects associated with anxiety. From bad sleeping habits to an unhealthy diet, clutter-induced anxiety can influence various areas of life. A recent Australian-US study revealed that college students are twice as likely to reach for sugar-rich foods when stressed in a messy kitchen, highlighting how the vulnerability evoked by anxiety in conjunction with a chaotic environment is a recipe for an unhealthy lifestyle. Removing mess and clutter can greatly reduce anxiety by introducing an atmosphere of calm and order.

Remove allergens

Allowing clutter to develop is a sure way to build up dust, mold and indoor pollen. In this way, clutter can aggravate allergies and lead to an unhygienic environment. Some tips on how to remove and control allergens in your home include regular vacuuming, washing bedding regularly, brush pets outdoors and, most importantly, decluttering to remove unnecessary items in the home that gather dust.

How to achieve minimalism 

There is an increased focus on the benefits of adopting a style of minimalism. Just a few minutes into Marie Kondo’s show and you’ll see why.

In this way, practicing minimalism can evoke unfiltered joy, and a greater appreciation of your home space – and your health!

The decluttering process should leave you with three groups of items namely:

  • Items to keep in the home
  • Items to throw out or donate
  • Items to store in self storage

While minimalism is a great practice to adopt, throwing out your camping gear in winter may not be the answer to a healthier and happier life in summer. Self storage provides a safe and secure space to keep belongings that no longer fit in the house, but are needed in the future.

Stor-Age Self Storage offer conveniently located facilities nationwide as a cost-effective solution to storing excess belongings that no longer fit in your minimalist lifestyle. Get a quote online today, or contact us on 0861 18 18 18.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 January 2019 | Minimalism|Tips And Hints