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Student packing! How to protect your belongings during the holidays

November is a busy time for students. Between final assignments and studying for exams, there’s hardly any time left to pack up your res, let alone store it. If packing like a pro is not in your skill set, there’s no need to panic. Whether you’re travelling or simply heading home, we’ve got the best tips to protect your belongings during the holidays using good old self storage.   

Make sure all your items are clean  

Give items a proper clean to remove all dust and grime. Make sure items are completely dry after cleaning and before packing to avoid mould. From linen to décor, pack your items unblemished to ensure you retrieve them in the same condition.  

Disassemble furniture   

Taking furniture apart saves valuable space in a storage unit and offers better protection against wear and tear during transit and storage. For example, take apart your bed frame and wrap each individual part with bubble wrap to avoid dents and scratches.   

Use the right packaging materials  

From strong cardboard boxes and bubble wrap to furniture covers and packing paper, making use of quality packaging materials is key when storing your belongings. Durable boxes allow for easy stacking within a unit (a big space saver!), furniture covers protect against dust and mould, and bubble wrap can protect fragile items from breakages.   

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Label everything  

Labels save lives and time, people! It may seem like a small thing, but if fragile items are packed in a box, the label must say so. This will remind you to take extra care when moving and unpacking. A detailed inventory guide will also help you find specific items quickly, rather than scratching through every box to find the potato peeler.   

Whether you’re going home for a month or need a semi-permanent storage space throughout the year, we have a student storage solution for you! Contact us today and get 10% off* a student storage unit and 50% off* our van hire services to safely transport your goods!   

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 November 2022 | Student