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Student res vs apartment living: What to consider before moving next year

Student res or apartment living? Student living provides a safe space to spread your wings, but apartments offer a new level of independence. It's a tricky choice.  
Whether you're attending uni in your home city or getting ready to move across the country, we look at the pros and cons of student res vs apartment living and what to consider before moving next year.  

Student res  

Student residencies are usually large blocks of flats housing hundreds of students. Although options vary across universities, they often feature a furnished bedroom, communal bathrooms, a shared dining hall and a communal lounge.   

Pro’s to living in student res:  

  • Typically situated right on campus or very close by  
  • All bills, such as utilities and maintenance, are usually included in the total rental cost  
  • Many offer fully-catered options with three meals a day  
  • Convenient facilities such as a laundromat are normally on-site for easy access  
  • Facilities are access-controlled, often with regular security patrols  

Con’s to living in student res:  

  • The building may have strict rules, such as a curfew  
  • You could pay more for res due to amenities, location and catering  
  • You can’t choose your roommates  
  • It’s not always a peaceful environment which can make studying difficult 
  • Residencies are often small, providing very little room to live comfortably  

Apartment living or renting  

As a popular choice for second-years and up, apartment living provides more independence as you prepare for the adult world. Many universities also offer a limited number of self-catered apartments close to campus if you don’t want to rent privately.   

Pro’s to renting an apartment:  

  • Offers far more independence than a staffed residency  
  • You can hand pick your roommates  
  • Freedom of choosing the location you want to live in  
  • You’ll have a lot more space to live comfortably, including a private room  
  • You’ll learn cooking skills, how to budget, handle bills and live responsibly   

Con’s to renting an apartment:  

  • Renting can be expensive for students on a budget as you’re responsible for groceries, utilities and possible commuting expenses 
  • Some landlords require a deposit as well as the first month’s rent  
  • You may not be ready for the responsibility of maintaining an apartment  
  • Roommate disputes can get ugly, whether living with friends or a stranger  

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 October 2022 | Student