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Why students need self storage

If you’re a student, moving from one home to another could be part of your life, whether you’re moving into a new digs, going home for the holidays or changing residences.

This means that for many students, as they get ready to relax after an action packed term or start their holiday job, they have one more important task to complete. This includes sorting out new accommodation for the upcoming term and finding a safe place to store their contents over the holidays.  

Students often need to act fast in finding new accommodation, but where do they store their contents prior to moving? The answer is simple – use student self storage.

An increasing number of students are turning to self storage at Stor-Age as a simple and convenient means of storing their items while they go on holiday or wait for accommodation arrangements to be sorted out. Here’s why:

  • Safe, secure and accessible storage
    At Stor-Age, we offer peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are safe while you relax on holiday. Our facilities offer individually alarmed units* and CCTV cameras.
  • Logistically easy
    With 50 stores across South Africa, there’s bound to be a Stor-Age store within 5 minutes of your student accommodation.
  • Affordable and cost-effective
    We understand that most students are on a tight budget. This is why we offer flexible rates at all of our stores across the country. To make it even more affordable, you may want to consider sharing a storage unit with a friend as this will reduce costs even further. 
  • Off-site storage of outdoor and sports equipment
    Many students enjoy a busy lifestyle which includes balancing academics with sport or a hobby. This usually means accumulating extra equipment. End squabbles with your flatmate by making use of self storage and you won’t need to keep that infrequently used surf board in the lounge.
  • Holiday time
    The end of the term comes with its own stressors, including studying for exams, clearing out your accommodation and making travel arrangements. If your student accommodation is a shared flat or student residence, the uncertainty of not knowing who will be able to access your belongings can be disconcerting. Self storage provides a safe space where you can keep your valuables during the holidays. If you live far away, transporting your belongings back home can also incur costs.

If you are a student looking to stay organised throughout your university life, with a space conducive to studying, while keeping your belongings safe between terms, why not give us a call!

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 November 2019 | Student