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Students get 30% off self storage

The academic holidays are fast-approaching and with that comes a time for students to start planning their down time. In preparation for the holidays, many students need to pack up their residence rooms or digs for the time they are away or moving to other areas.

As residence students can only move into their new spaces at the start of the next academic year, the question that many are faced with is, ‘’Where can I store all my stuff between moves over the holidays?”

Self storage is the perfect solution to your student holiday storage needs. We are offering a nationwide student special for those who need a safe and convenient self storage space over the holidays and the festive season. Simply present your valid student card at any of our stores (we have over 50 across the country) or complete our online student survey and you will receive 30% off of your self storage unit rental.

The dreadful thought of dragging all your belongings home can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you have a long drive or a flight. Then of course there is the cost of having to move all of the extra baggage. Have you ever tried to fly on Kulula with a couch – probably not. Self storage is a lot more affordable than you think, especially with our student special. 

Student Special

Worried about security? We have this covered, our facilities have world-class 24-hour security including controlled access and CCTV surveillance.

What size will be enough? We cater for student needs by offering a variety of self storage unit sizes and our team will take you through the options to make sure that you only pay for the space that you need.

Students can also hire a van for a special price of R150 per trip. This includes coming to your residence or digs and transporting your packed belongings to your chosen Stor-Age facility. All you need to do is pack and unpack your items into and out of the van.

We aim to make the process of moving as easy as possible. If you are short on packaging supplies, such as boxes and tape, we offer these materials at extremely affordable prices. We are currently offering a deal where you can purchase eight boxes and get two free! These boxes will make packing your belongings into a storage unit a lot easier, as well as keep your belongings neat and tidy.

Here are some tips to pack up your room before the holidays begin:

  • Firstly, take up our student special!
  • Chat to your friends about sharing a self storage unit. This can cut down costs significantly.
  • Create an inventory list of all of your items that you wish to store and another list for the items that you want to take home.
  • Make sure that your belongings are clean before packing them away – especially the likes of a fridge or a microwave.
  • Label all your boxes to make unpacking easier in the new year. We all know how forgetful we are after the festive season.
  • Disassemble any large items to help with easier transportation and packing.

Good luck for all students writing exams – the beach is just around the corner!

If you want to take advantage of this student special, simply complete this student survey  or WhatsApp us on 060 965 1484.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 24 October 2018 | News And Events|Student