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Test Our Customer Service - We Dare You

If you have ever walked into a store and felt like you were interrupting the employee's game of Tetris then you have an idea of the type of service we are dedicated to avoid. What makes the difference between a poor self storage facility and an excellent one? Is it the location, cleanliness, security or perhaps the hours of access? We think the stand out factor when choosing a self storage operator is the customer service and we invite you to come and test us.

Here are a few things we are dedicated to provide to our customers.

1. Professional
We endeavour to stand up from our chair when you walk in the door and greet you. If you call, we want to state clearly who we are and confirm you have called the correct place. Be assured you have our full attention and there is nothing more urgent that getting you the information you need.

2. Helpful / knowledgeable
Ever wondered what will fit into a 27 cubic metre space? No? Well we do and we love thinking about, talking about and interacting with space. It is our job to recommend the best solution for you. We love space, it's what we do. As the experts we want to make sure we have covered all your needs from storage space and packaging items to transport and packing tips.

3. Contactable
We want to be available when you need us. That means on email, telephone, in person or on any of our social media channels. You may not need the storage space immediately but at some point in your life you are going to move home, change business premises, buy too much business stock or perhaps change your living arrangements with an addition to the family. When you need us we will be there to provide the assistance you require.

4. Follow-up
Bottom line, we want your business. That means we don't just leave your enquiry when you put down the phone or walk out the door. It is our job to follow up and make sure you receive everything you want.

Welcome to Stor-Age Self Storage

Check out what some of our customers had to say recently.

"Excellent service Issa is on the Ball. The same excellent service is the reason I am using the storage to the second time and have recommended it to friends and family."

"Excellent, friendly and professional service!"

"I am so glad to do this. I first dealt with Lauren. I was highly impressed with the way she dealt with my call and had all the answers at her fingertips. She also followed up on the quote timeously. When I called back I dealt with Sam who was just as efficient. I am in the Sales and Marketing world and am always impressed with great service which, sadly, is mostly not the case. I highly commend you for employing great staff."

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 April 2014 | News And Events