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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions - Self Storage In SA

The self storage industry in South Africa is expanding rapidly. The leading operator, Stor-Age, has 26 operational properties and a further seven self storage stores set to come online in the near future. With so many stores and so many customers there are bound to be some questions. Here are the top five (5) most frequent questions our staff receive.

1. By far the most frequently asked question is, "Do you do auctions like Storage Wars?" The number of comments on our blog post about the Craziest Self Storage Auction Finds, should give you an indication of how many people in South Africa would love to get involved with this market. Unfortunately we do not partake in storage auctions.

2. "What about insurance?"
Remember, if it's worth storing then it is worth insuring. Stor-Age offers a unique cover product to give you peace of mind. Check out our storage insurance page for more details.

3. "Do you have recommended removals partners?"
New customers moving in will get free use of our Stor-Age van for one trip. Speak to our friendly staff if you require more trips or would like us to recommend a removals company. Each of our stores has a relationship with removals partners that we recommend. Check out the locations page for your stores recommended partners. An example is our Johannesburg self storage facility.

Stor-Age van and driver

4. "Are there any discounts?"
From time to time we do run specials for new customers and we don't forget about the existing customers either. Our refer-a-friend offer means you can get discount on your unit for as many people you refer to Stor-Age as you like. Simply complete our refer-a-friend form and if your referral moves in, you will be automatically discounted.

5. "What is the minimum rental period?"
Use the storage space for the time you need it only. You only need give fourteen (14) days notice to vacate your unit so you are not tied down to a long term rental contract.

For answers to more questions visit the Stor-Age Frequently Asked Questions page.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 11 April 2014 | Take A Break