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This Is How We Do It - Stor-Age Annual Conference Video Released

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to declutter your home, in fact studies have revealed a correlation between a cluttered home and depression. Another way to keep the stress levels down is to work at a place where you can have fun and you love what you do. We spend the majority of our lives at work so best to make sure the place you go every day is not a drag. This is the aim of the Stor-Age Annual Conference, where staff member from all over South Africa gathered at Goudini Spa for a fun-filled conference not to be forgotten. For a short day by day report you can view our other blog post on the Stor-Age Annual Conference.

Stor-Age Annual Conference 2015 group photo video

Here is what some of the staff had to say about it.

"I enjoyed the team building activities, I enjoyed getting to know the other nine people in my team, from the departments I have not really been in touch with most, to find out more about their personalities and what they do." – Tim Wynne-Dyke, Area Manager

Stor-Age Conference activities

"Joining Stor-Age two and a bit years ago, it’s been like a breath of fresh air. Interestingly my wife and children say, dad you’ve got a different attitude." – Richard King, GM Operations

"Something like this comes along and just revives you." Cindy-Ann Forbes, Operations Manager

"These types of events are about people, it’s about the human beings, it’s about sharing best practices, about getting to know each other." – Chris Oosthuizen, GM Sales & Marketing

"I think for me the highlight has been the recognition, so the recognition of staff who have gone far and beyond through the course of the year." – Steven Horton, Director

"I think the whole conference for me has been an eye opener. I knew these things were happening but I didn’t realise the intensity of each department." – Les Lucas, Director

During the conference we also awarded the Stor-Age Dream Award. A prestigious award presented to the Operations Manager of the year and designed to fulfill a dream. "It really is what it is. It’s fulfilling a dream that they perhaps wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford at this stage in their life." Notes Stephen Lucas, Director. Last year Avwar Nepal opted to take his family back to their roots for a once in a lifetime trip to India. This year the winner was Adriaan Hugo, who has chosen to start a fund for his son's university "Ja, look that Dream Award was special, I was shedding a few tears." says Gavin Lucas, Director. Stephen Lucas added, "To see his reaction, to see the video clip of his son I think every single person in that venue, you know it brought a tear to their eye."

Stor-Age Conference Dream Award with Adriaan

Does this look like a company you would like to work for? Check out the Stor-Age Careers page for positions available.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 07 July 2015 | News And Events