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Tips And Hints To Clean Your Garage From Stor-Age

Many household items find their way into the garage, only to be forgotten about and never return to the home. Sometimes you even find things in the garage you had completely forgotten about! If you want to put your car back where it belongs try a few of these simple tips.

clean your garage

1. Remove all the items from the garage and give it a good clean. As you remove the items you should start to group them to make it easier to put them back correctly.

2. Install cupboards or shelving. Cupboards are great to keep the place looking clean but can be expensive. Shelving is a cheaper option and can be installed high up on walls leaving space for your vehicle. This can also be supplemented by fastening a wood board to the wall with hooks that you can store tools and bicycles on.

3. Create a policy of "one-in-one-out". If you are going to put something into the garage then make sure you are taking something else out. This will help avoid the clutter from reappearing and causing your vehicle to stand outside again.

4. Be ruthless; if there is an item in the garage that you had forgotten about or have not used in more than a year, chances are you are not going to need it again. It is time to sell it, throw it away or donate to charity. For those items you really do not want to part with, putting them in a self storage unit is a great solution.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 06 October 2010 |