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Tips for living a plastic-free lifestyle

Are you looking for ways to reduce your plastic consumption? If so, you've come to the right place. By making small changes in your everyday routine, you can greatly reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in rubbish dumps, the ocean and even your body! 

Did you know that a majority of bubblegum is made out of plastic? Be sure to pick up some plastic-free gum and keep reading for more tips on living a plastic-free lifestyle! It’s time to go green for our planet, folks! 

Reuse shopping bags 

Instead of paying for an ocean-polluting hazard when you shop, make it a habit to use a backpack or reusable shopping bags that you can keep readily available in your handbag or car boot. Reusable bags are not only great for your regular grocery trips, but for all your shopping needs. 

Invest in a steel lunchbox for leftovers 

When enjoying a meal at your favourite local restaurant, be sure to bring along a steel lunch box or two. Rather than asking for a disposable polystyrene doggy bag, you can request that your leftovers be packed into your reusable lunch box instead, and then simply wash it later! 

Have reusable straws and utensils on hand 

From glass to steel or bamboo, carrying a set of reusable utensils in your handbag or work backpack is an easy way to massively reduce your carbon footprint and bring you one step closer to living the ultimate plastic-free lifestyle. 

Shop at local farmer’s markets 

Here you can purchase fruit and vegetables directly from farmers with no - or very little - plastic-wrapped produce for sale. Only fresh fruits and veggies packaged the way nature intended! Bring along your reusable bags and containers, and stock your fridge the eco-friendly way. 

Purchase a reusable water bottle 

According to research, 90% of disposable water bottles purchased end up in rubbish dumps, but did you know that it takes up to 1000 years for these water bottles to completely decompose? That is a mind-boggling number! Switch to a reusable water bottle - steel water bottles are the most popular - and stay hydrated with an affordable plastic alternative.   

It can be hard to break a lifelong plastic addiction, but it’s not impossible. If you’re ready to replace your plastic-heavy goods at home with eco-friendly alternatives, Stor-Age can help you store your outdated goods safely with a wide range of secure personal storage lockers and units. 

Give us a call at 0861 18 18 18 or visit your nearest facility to learn more!   

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 October 2022 | Tips And Hints