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Tips For Selling Your Home

Many Stor-Age clients are using self storage because they are moving but many estate agents agree you should be using self storage before you put your home on sale. Here are a few tips to make selling your home easier.

1. First impressions last, make sure the garden is looking good, pull out all the weeds and ensure all your walls are painted and there are no chips. You want the buyer to enter your home with a good impression of how the property is looked after.

2. Declutter the home and remove all your personal items like photos. Most buyers cannot see past your own personal items and they will begin to think, "What kind of person lives here?" Instead of, "I can see myself living here." It is a good idea to remove all items off of your kitchen tables and put any excess furniture or decorations into storage while you are selling. The spare room that you are using for storage should be clean and free of clutter. The more space there is to move around in your home the better.

3. Clean. A clean house sells better than a dirty one. Make sure all surfaces, tables, floors and walls are cleaned down. Pay careful attention to the kitchen and the bathroom as this is where most buyers make their decisions.

4. Use as many estate agents as you can. There is no need to sign a sole mandate with one agent, instead explain you are looking for maximum exposure of your property. The more people selling the more likely you are to find the right buyer at the right price. Remember not to allow too many estate agent boards to go up on your lawn or it may look desperate.

5. Make your house smell good. Spray air freshener or get the automatic sensors around your home. A great idea is to bake some fresh bread in the oven or to invest in a bread maker. The aroma of fresh bread will make your home seem more welcoming and buyers will have a fond memory.

6. Lastly keep your home is bright as possible. Make sure all the lights are working and the curtains and windows are open. If you can then give each room a new coat of paint, preferably white or pastel colours as these reflect light well and make the room seem larger.

Good luck selling your home. If you have a few tips on selling a home then why not leave a comment, it might help someone sell their home at the right price.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 01 July 2011 | Tips And Hints