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Too Many Shoes? Storage May Be The Answer

Everyone knows someone who has too many shoes, maybe that someone is you. Shoes can quickly take up all the space in your storage cupboards or walk-in closets, however not many people come close to the collection that Imelda Marcos managed. Imelda was the first lady of the Philippines and she amassed over 1,200 pairs of shoes! To discover more of the story click here. If you need that storage space back here are a few helpful tips.

shoe storage

1. Arrange your shoes by season and store those that you do not need in boxes. These boxes can also be put into self storage or you to fetch when you need them.

2. Admit that you do not need ALL of them. Many charities need shoes for those less privileged and would be delighted to receive what you don't need. And think of the benefit of knowing you have helped someone else.

3. Invest in a shoe rack or hanging shoe bags. These can help you store a lot more shoes in the same space. The racks can also be stored under your bed and will free up some closet space.

4. Be disciplined and begin a "one-in-one-out" policy. For each pair of shoes you add to your collection make sure you take one out.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 October 2010 |