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Top Tips To Beat The Monday Blues

It's Monday... you are back at work... how do you beat the Monday blues?

1. Coffee
No list for beating the Monday blues would be complete, nor would it be acceptable if it did not start with coffee! There are many studies looking at the correlation between reduced risk of cancer and coffee drinkers and the scales seemed to be tipped in favour. Another pro (or possibly con, depending on your outlook) is that coffee promotes bowel movements.

Coffee for Monday blues

1. Try a new look
Put on something different, dress smarter, try a new hairstyle or different shade of make-up. They say a change is as good as a holiday so why not give it a try. Stor-Age Lyttelton did just that as the colour of the reception was changed from red to grey. We think it looks very smart.

Lytellton facelift

3. Have a chat with a colleague / boss
It is likely you are not alone with the Monday blues syndrome. Share a quick coffee with a colleague or your boss to share how your weekend was, what you have on your plate that day and how you hope you will get through Monday. Share a laugh, it helps.

4. Accept what you can and cannot do
One of the universal laws of work is that when you get back to office, the work is still there. Rather than get flustered with the sheer volume or complexity of the tasks ahead, take a few minutes to prioritise what you need to get through and work on those. You simply cannot do everything in one day. Relax.

5. Take breaks
Some research suggests that humans are only able to concentrate on one thing for eight seconds. You may be able to think of a few work colleagues for whom even this may be a challenge! Taking regular breaks, even just a few minutes to walk away from your computer can stimulate blood flow and allow for better concentration when you return. Now that you have read this... take a break!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 25 July 2016 | Tips And Hints