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Top Tips To Secure Your Home These Holidays

It is a wonderful time of year for most in South Africa as the holiday season hits us and many will be making plans to spend a few nights away from home in search of some hopefully well-deserved rest and relaxation. Unfortunately this also means leaving your home open to the potential of a break-in, one of the worst things to return home to. Nobody wants to come back after a holiday and have all the stress added of having to arrange insurance and police due to a theft in the home. We found a few great tips to help keep you home safe these holidays.

Feature your own padlock

Tell your neighbours
Let your friends and most importantly your neighbours know where you are going and when, ask them to keep an eye on your property and let them know that you are not expecting anyone to visit. Your neighbours should know the vehicles you drive and can let you know about any suspicious activity. Also ask them to collect your mail, nothing says nobody is home like an overflowing mailbox, this is essentially an invitation to would-be thieves.

Exterior security lighting

Security lighting has become quite sophisticated, however you could add some cheap fittings at key points around the house. This will serve to ensure that any potential break-ins would need to act where they can be seen.

Open field of view
Try to avoid walls or plants that may obstruct the view into your property. This may seem counter intuitive but by ensuring people can see into your property you are also ensuring that anyone with ill intentions will be in full view when they attempt a break-in.

Store your valuables
One way to ensure the safety of your valuables when you are on holiday is to make sure they are not at home! Simply rent a self storage unit and store the items you really cannot do without in a self storage unit. Did you know you can also rent secure vault units for electronics, important documents and other small valuables.

Feature fingerprint access vaults

Add deterrents

Think about adding some burglar bars to your windows, these are a cost effective way to protect your home. Even the entry level models offer more than you may think as their effect is increased when you consider a thief would rather choose to enter a home that does not have burglar bars. Take a look at your property from the outside and seek to add as many deterrents to your home as possible.

While you are away don't just leave your lights hooked up to a timer but think about adding some appliances like the television or a radio. This will make it seem as though someone is at home and can be a great way to protect your property.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 05 December 2016 | Tips And Hints