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Tricky Bikinis, Crafty Kaftans

Don’t be fooled by the day of the year, Cape Town is playing its change-of-season tricks with fantastic summer days just as we expect to be moving into the thick of winter. It can all be very confusing on your wardrobe choices. Who’s to say when it’s safe to pack away the bikinis and kaftans to make space for this seasons classy, vintage look, rich knit cardigans (all the rage this winter), and every colour and style of scarf under the (hidden) sun? When you do need to pack them away though, and swap out with your winter gear that has been sitting patiently in storage, you can take it from us, the Stor-Age experience is pretty awesome.

We use the Roeland Street facility (Stor-Age Gardens), which is just too easy to access and navigate; and the staff are always surprisingly keen to help out and get involved, if you need them too.

It's Yout Turn and Stor-Age partnership

Summer is over when Frangipani says it’s over

But let’s get back to that question posed above.  It’s Your Turn knows the answer. The wonderfully beautiful Frangipani flower is the all-important indicator for the seasons. When the last Frangipani has dropped from the tree, summer is over and it’s time to visit your storage unit.

Be a casual hero

It’s also time for Matric dances so you’ll see a lot of movement from our storage unit as we get dresses to the girls whose parents are struggling to pay the large amounts this occasion burdens them with. You are welcome to become a casual hero too. Get in touch and we’ll collect any dresses you wish to donate (in Cape Town.)

Enjoy another wondrous winter.

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Take a store your of the Stor-Age Gardens self storage facility.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 June 2013 | Charity