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Vehicle Storage at Stor-Age Self Storage

Need Space? A Self storage unit is ideal for all sorts of things, moving home, renovating, business stock, records and documents. Many people also stores boats, caravans and cars. With the every growing populations and city living becoming more and more dense, designers and architects are having to conjour more innovative ways for people to store. One Miami beach condo developer has joined with Porsche to create an extremely unique form of vehicle self storage. 

The Porsche Design Tower project is a vehicle self storage project estimated at $560 million dollars. It should allow owners to have their vehicles delivered to their doorstep or taken away on a robotic arm for storage. The vehicle self storage design will save space and allows the developer to use the space for the homeowner, not the family vehicle.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 02 December 2011 | Take A Break