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Supporting local South African businesses

Supporting local businesses has never been more important than it is now, which is why we recently launched Local Business Spotlight, a campaign that shines the light on local businesses around the country.

This past week we profiled a non-profit organisation in KwaZulu-Natal, a unique events company in Randburg and an e-commerce business in Sunninghill.

Here’s who they are and how you can support them.

Supporting businesses in your community

  1. Insika Foundation

We started the week off by introducing some of the team involved with the Insika Foundation, a majority female-run non-profit organisation in KwaZulu-Natal focused on the upliftment of local communities. Insika Foundation trusts Stor-Age Mount Edgecombe to keep their items safe while they are working hard to improve the communities around them. If you would like to find out more about this foundation, you can view their website.   

  1. QuikPix Photo Booth

On Wednesday we introduced the team from QuikPix, a company that rents out professional photo booths for parties, corporate events and weddings. They trust Stor-Age Randburg to keep their business items safe while they are working the events scene. To see how they transform events, take a look at their website.

  1. BizFeat

We closed the week off by introducing Dena from BizFeat, an online store that sells a variety of consumer goods. Dena uses Stor-Age Sunninghill to keep her range of business items secure and to help keep her operational costs down. To view BizFeat's range of products, take a look at their website

If you would like to see all our Local Business Spotlight features and get information on how you can support these local business, head over to our Instagram profile.


If you are a Stor-Age business customer and would like to be featured, let us know by sending us a DM on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 26 June 2020 | SME