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Wupperthal fire donations

The recent fires in Wupperthal, a historical village near Clanwilliam, has caused devastation to 53 shops and homes and has left at least 200 people homeless. The community are desperate for assistance from surrounding areas.

The fire has left only parts of the community with electricity and water and introduced a dire need for the basic essentials. The community pleas with surrounding areas to donate essentials such as bedding, food and clothing to help the victims of the Wupperthal fire.

In line with the need for help, we are working with Fruitful Futures to assist with the needs of the community. We have opened all of our Western Cape facilities to act as drop off points for donations from the public for this cause. We believe in the importance of remaining relevant in our communities and we need your help to assist in making a difference to the Wupperthal victims. Donations have already been received at the various stores, bearing testament to the generosity and goodwill of the public. 

Wupperthal fires

Comments Chris Oosthuizen, Head of Sales, Product and Marketing at Stor-Age, “We constantly strive to make a sustainable difference by prioritising our core value of Relevance and we recognise the importance of being an active member of our local communities. We encourage all of our employees at the property level to develop close links with charities, schools, sports clubs and local interest groups. To this end, we are fully supportive of the Wupperthal community and have opened all of our Western Cape stores to act as drop off points for donations from the public for this cause. Together, we can make a positive difference.”

Items that are on the donation list include adult clothing and shoes, bedding, meal utensils, food, toiletries and stationery. Cash donations will also be gladly received to help children in the community cover the costs of purchasing basic school supplies which cost approximately R600.

We encourage the public to get involved and help alleviate the disaster. You can see a list of our Western Cape stores here that will be receiving donations until 12pm on Saturday, 12 January. All donations will be picked up by Fruitful Futures and delivered to victims in the community. For more information on how you can be involved, contact Holly Jacobs at

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 04 January 2019 | Charity|News And Events