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What Do People Really Put In Self Storage Units?

With self storage facilities all over South Africa and thousands upon thousands of self storage units full of... stuff, what is it that people really put inside these spaces? The obvious answers of furniture or business stock, while true, are not the reasons you are reading this. You want to know what strange and weird things people store. Perhaps things that shouldn't be stored or things you would never have thought of. From our experience everything is mostly above board, however... we have spotted one or two items that you may find a little different.

Let's start with a few things that are quite common but really should not be stored. We find many people take extra space storing things that simply have no value, such as magazines or old newspapers, old clothes that no longer fit and surprisingly old DSTV decoders. All of these items have little to no value and are not going to be used again in the near future. So what should be done? Donate these items to those that do need them, they have no value and in storing less items you may be able to use a smaller self storage unit, thus saving money. Extra cash in the pocket will surely make up for not being able to read the June 1993 issue of Cosmopolitan!

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Some items we have found in self storage are absolutely not allowed to be stored. These include pets, plants and people! Essentially if it is alive you should not be putting it into a self storage unit, this includes any food, trust us on this one, you do no want to open your self storage unit to find the potatoes you had kept now look more like hairy watermelons! It is also always a good idea to wipe down any item you are storing that may have been used for food storage or preparation.

What have we found in self storage that may be a little strange? Quite a few things in fact. Super cars, signed sports jerseys, quad bikes, prosthetic limbs, the list goes on. We have also found a 15 square meter unit full of Styrofoam cups, a unit full of homemade liquor, samurai swords, thousands of business cards (unfortunately it did not look the business did well) and even nothing at all! Essentially if it fits it can be stored, think of any item that someone may be keeping at home and potentially this is a find in a self storage unit.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 27 June 2016 | Take A Break