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What Do You Think Of This Innovative Storage?

Struggling for storage space in your cluttered garage? Well here is an innovative way to get some of that space back. A company in the UK has designed a garage that can be stored underground. The extra space you will save in your garage can now be used to store all extra items around the house so you will have a clutter free home.

innovative storage

We don't have this type of storage solution for you at Stor-Age but we do have self storage units and parking bays where you can store your vehicle. If you are thinking of removing the clutter in your home and garage so you can get your car back in, then we have the solution for you. You can choose the self storage unit size that suits your needs. All our units are easily accessible, safe and secure so you can leave your goods here and have peace of mind.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 28 October 2010 |