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What Does Your Name Mean?

Today is the first Monday in March and is also 'Fun Facts About Names Day.' Check out the #funfactsaboutnamesday hashtag on Twitter. Our own company name has some meaning and is often mispronounced. We found a few resources for you to check out the meaning of your own name.

Stor-Age vs storage

Stor-Age, [proper noun] a clever play on the word 'storage' Abbreviation; S-Age.
Pronounced [Stor-Age] the name of South Africa's leading self storage company
Different to 'storage', [common noun] i.e. people put things into 'storage' at 'Stor-Age'.

Hello my name is Stor-Age name tag

You can also visit Meaning of, enter your name and find out what it means. Another great name site is How Many of Me, this site will tell you how many people have the same name as you and gives an indication of any famous namesakes. Unfortunately it only provides statistics from America, however it should still be quite interesting.

We entered a few names of the staff members at Stor-Age and found some interesting and humorous results.

Cameron - one who had a crooked or wry nose
Lesch - dweller at a reed-bed or place overgrown with sedge or rushes
Lotter - one who was a juggler or conjurer

Let us know what your name means.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 04 March 2013 | Take A Break