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What you need to know about short-term storage

Are you in the market for short-term storage space? Whether you are downsizing your lifestyle, preparing for a big house move or about to renovate the kitchen and need extra space to protect valuable belongings from dust and debris, we break down the top factors you need to know about short-term storage.   

Short-term storage vs long-term storage  

Short-term storage is generally defined as using a self storage unit for three months or less - typically for house moves, renovations or creating more household space by storing seasonal items such as clothing, sporting gear or decorations.    

Ready to secure your temporary household extension? Consider the following factors before booking your unit:  

Space requirements  

Short-term storage is defined by the length of use and not the size of the unit. Your unit size will still be determined by the number and size of goods you plan to store. Keep in mind that furniture should be covered and packed with surrounding space to avoid sweating, mould and mildew.  

Try our handy size guide to learn more about our unit sizes.   

Easy accessibility  

Items stored short-term are typically belongings that users want to access quickly and easily. Consider whether your storage operator offers free onsite parking, trolleys to safely transport goods and seven-day facility access.   

Lease flexibility  

Your situation can change in a heartbeat impacting how long you may need storage. Whether you need to remove your items earlier than anticipated or extend your storage lease, Stor-Age offers flexible month-to-month lease agreements adaptable to your storage needs.  

Security measures  

Whether storing a few items or the entire contents of your house, ask about the security measures in place. Stor-Age takes security seriously, providing 24-hour CCTV surveillance, armed response, fire detection methods, storage insurance and more.   

Value-added services  

Self storage is about convenience. At Stor-Age, we understand this and offer several value-added services to ensure a stress-free storage experience, including seven-day access, an onsite packaging store, van rentals, and free parcel delivery and collection services.    


When you require a flexible and affordable short-term storage solution, look no further than Stor-Age. With over 50 locations nationwide and storage units available in over 40 sizes, our friendly team can help you secure the best unit for your short-term storage needs.   


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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 14 September 2022 | Tips And Hints