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Where Exactly Do They Store Pets On A Plane?

At Stor-Age we like to think we know how to store things but even we have to admit that this caught us by surprise. So where exactly do they store pets on aeroplanes?  You may be shocked to find most commercial airlines allow pets to travel with the owners in the passenger section of the plane. In fact it is estimated that two million pets fly this way each year in the United States (source: howstuffworks and U.S. Department of Transportation).

There are times when your pet must be transported in the cargo hold. When this happens the airline provides specific temperature controlled holds for your pets. However it must be noted that even though these areas are temperature controlled there are times that airlines will not allow your pet to travel. For instance in extreme temperatures, the reason for this is that although the cargo hold is a controlled temperature, other areas of baggage handling may not be. Off course it is always best to check if your pet is suitable to be transported in this way as many breeds of cats and dogs have trouble breathing and so would not travel well.

If you are thinking of moving home, please DO NOT store your pet in a self storage unit. There have been reported cases of owners taking a holiday and locking their family dog in a self storage unit, leaving enough food and water to last a few weeks. Fortunately the storage staff heard the dog barking and were able to free him, while reporting the owners at the same time. Look after your pets they love you.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 04 November 2011 | Take A Break