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5 reasons you need student storage

As a student, you tend to end up with quite a lot of clutter gathered throughout the study year. You’re bound to have a cupboard full of house dance outfits, RAG dress-up and sports gear — not to mention all the piles of cramming notes from the year’s exams. So things can get pretty crowded in that tiny dorm room.  

As the holidays approach, you may be wondering what you are going to do with all your things especially if you’re carpooling or flying home with friends. Enter self storage for students. 

Renting self storage might not be something that you’ve thought of, or think you can afford, but you could be surprised by how cost-effective and easy it can be! 

Here are our top five reasons you need student self storage, with tips for storing your belongings. For info on our student special, head to the bottom of the blog.

1. Stash your seasonal gear

 student pack winter clothes

A self storage unit can be the perfect solution to storing things you won’t need regularly, including sports equipment like mountain bikes or seasonal clothing like puffer jackets.

If the seasons are changing and you need to pack your winter clothes away so you have more space, or if you’re headed home for the holidays and won’t need certain items till next season, self storage is a flexible and convenient option. 

Tips to store seasonal items: 

Pack items well

Use airtight and vacuum-sealed bags to pack your things as this will save space and keep your clothes clean. You can also store your seasonal items in clear containers with lids, which will keep out moisture and mould. 

Be mindful of fragile items

In cases when you’re storing items that are odd shapes, such as artwork, you should also use packing materials like stretch or bubble wrap to keep them dust-free. 

Label items by season 

If you’re planning on renting a self storage unit, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to find things easily. Organise and label your items by season or occasion, so you know where the boxes are for each one. 

2. Store important documents 

 student documents

You may want to hang onto old assignments for your portfolio, or maybe there are loads of textbooks you want to sell but just not right now. Paper and books can get damaged easily so keeping them in self storage can protect them from getting wrinkled and worn. 

How to pack your documents: 

Categorise and Label

Sort your documents into categories and label them so that you can easily find them later. The last thing you want to do is unpack your entire unit to find that one study book you need!

Use the Right Materials

Paper is best stored in acid-free file boxes or plastic containers. At Stor-Age, we’ve got archive boxes to store your documents, plus a wide variety of packaging items so you don’t need to shop around.

3. You can travel light 

Nobody wants to pack up all their things and travel back home with an overloaded suitcase. Leave them in a secure self storage unit and you won’t need to worry about your belongings until you need them again! 

Stor-Age is your home away from home, conveniently located near all major educational institutions including Stellenbosch University, the University of Cape Town, and close to the Tyger Valley campus, as well as the various colleges dotted around the country. 

Get in touch with our Stellenbosch, Claremont and Bellville branches to find out more about storage in your area. 

4. Keep your things safe

When you’re moving into a new residence or visiting home for the holidays, your belongings are at risk of being stolen. 

Self storage facilities like Stor-Age have state-of-the-art security including computer-controlled access, electrified perimeter fencing, alarm systems, 24-hour CCTV surveillance and fire prevention systems to make sure your belongings are protected at all times.

5. Save money with self storage 

With self storage, you won’t need to keep renting your student accommodation to store things over the holidays, which means big cash savings. The nature of self storage is that it’s flexible, with the option of short-term contracts, so you can rent your unit for just as long as you need. With us, you can stay for as short as one month - that’s perfect for the holidays.

Whether you’re going home for a month or need a semi-permanent storage space throughout the year, Stor-Age has the perfect student storage solution for you. 

Contact us today and get 10% off* a student storage unit, as well as reduced van hire services at just R200 per hour to safely transport your goods!  

Visit and get a quote with the promo code ‘STUDENT’ or call 0861 18 18 18.

*Ts & Cs apply. 

Note: Our student special is only available from 1 November 2023, with the unit to be vacated by 31 January 2024. 

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 06 November 2023 | Student