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Why Moving At Month End Is A Bad Idea

So you're moving and like most people in South Africa you are moving at month end because that is when your lease expires and when you start your new lease. That means you are looking for removals companies, self storage, packaging and trying to get this all done in one day. Here are a few reasons why moving at month end is not a good idea and what you can do to make your life easier.

1. Removals companies charge more

Did you know that removals companies often have negotiable and flexible rates? These are often based on the time of the month. Just like an airline ticket that gets more expensive with higher demand and closer to the time of flight, removals companies charge more when their product is in demand. This is actually good news for you. Now that you know that you can plan to move the bulk of your items in the middle of the month. Often the saving is substantial and can offset the cost of storage space or early occupation at your new accommodation.

2. Self storage is full
Because everyone is moving at month end self storage space is also full at this time. You can often get a better deal and ensure availability simply by moving your goods into self storage in the middle of the month. This means you won't have to rush trying to get everything you own from one house to another with 24 hours. Instead take your time and move the items when you can or when friends can help. Then you can move the items from self storage into your new home at your own leisure as well.

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3. Trailer rentals have no stock
Just like removals companies, trailer rentals are also extremely busy at month end. The next time you drive around at the end of a month take a look at the cars on the road and you will notice a lot more trailers. There are a few things you can do to help your situation. Book a trailer well in advance of your moving date or move in the middle of the month. Both options will ensure that you at least have transport when you need it.

4. Timing is everything

The highest volume for moving is without a date on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday that falls on month end. This is because most people have this time off and use it to cram all of their moving needs into one short day or weekend. This can cause a huge amount of stress. Our recommendation is to plan well in advance, start packing things you don't use often like seasonal clothing or kitchen appliances so that when the day comes you have already packed a large amount of your items. The more you plan the less hectic the moving process will be. Off course you can always contact one of our professionally trained and helpful self storage experts for some great advice. Simply call 0861 18 18 18 nationwide.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 April 2015 | Tips And Hints