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World's Largest Aircraft Has Impressive Storage Space

The Antonov An-225 is the world's largest aircraft and it has a maximum take-off weight of 640 tons, that's just about good enough to carry 116 full grown African male elephants! Affectionately named Mriya, which means "dream" in Ukranian, the monstrous machine is powered by six engines and can reach a maximum speed of around 850 km/h. What is more impressive is that it can fly 15,400 km before needing to refuel. That's flying from Cape Town to Srednekolymsk in Russia! Amazingly at full capacity that huge range is reduced to only 4,000 km. With a wingspan of 88.4m and a total length of 84m, this behemoth of the skies is sure to impress.
The cargo area is 1,300 cubic metres, that means if you packed up everything you could find into our medium boxes, then you would be able to store about 12,264 boxes before running out of space. Keep that in mind next time you are moving home to Srednekolymsk! With this sort of storage capacity you would not be surprised to find out that the Mriya holds the world records for an airlifted single item payload of 189,980 kilograms and an airlifted total payload of 253,820 kilograms.
Originally designed to carry the Buran space shuttle the Mriya was built in 1988 and was housed in storage from 1994. Eight years later the impressive frame was overhauled and refurbished and now serves a commercial purpose of carrying oversized payloads. If you are not looking for that much storage space but still find a need for storage why not check out our handy self storage space estimator. We can't fly you anywhere but with no in-flight hosting we think our customer service may be a little better.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 March 2015 | Take A Break