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World's Smallest House Needs Space

Many South African's make use of self storage when they are moving home, storing excess business stock, renovating or just want to clear the clutter. Our need for space is often a factor in our state of stress, more space, less clutter and less stress. If you happen to be the owner of the world's smallest house, your need for space becomes even greater. At about 17.5 square meters this home is approximately the size of your garage and includes a kitchen, bathroom, an entrance area and a full size bed. Little wonder then space is at a premium in this house.
If you thought less space would save you some cash you can think again. The house was listed for sale in 2014 at £275 000, that's just under R5 million rand today. Located in Richmond Avenue, Islington, London N1, the home is close to a few trendy spots in the UK capital, which will help the occupant getting out of the cramped room and into the life of London. By comparison you can rent a similar size space from Stor-Age from about R850 per month, depending on the store you choose and availability. For a better idea on price you can get Stor-Age's online quote here.
Here are some of the features we found from an article in The Guardian. "A raised living area – so that the essentials of life, like clothes, can be packed away beneath – with a table little bigger than a tea tray, two stools and two floor cushions. There's an equally compact kitchen area, with a cooker and sink in the corner. Climbing the stairs to the "bedroom" (a 2.29m x 1.73m shelf) requires the owner to first clamber onto the kitchen work surface. The "bathroom" is about the same size as a wardrobe, and the shower and toilet so close it is entirely possibly to use all the facilities at the same time."

So what are the pros and cons of small living when compared to a Stor-Age unit?

World's smallest home
  1. You can live there
  2. You cannot invite many friends
  3. Will cost a small fortune
  4. Little to no storage space
  5. Located in London (pro or con?)

Self storage unit

  1. You cannot live there
  2. You can invite many friends
  3. Only pay for the space you need and only give 14 day's notice to vacate
  4. Choose to get more or less space as your needs suit
  5. Situated across South Africa for your convenience

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    Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 20 April 2015 | Take A Break