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Worst Gifts Ever - Warning Used Toe Ring!

We have all been the recipient of an undesirable gift, something that we think of re-gifting almost as soon as the wrapping is off. As it is that time of year we thought we would help out by giving you some advice of what not to consider as a gift. We surveyed some of our staff at the office to find out what their worst gift ever was. Here is our top 10.

Used toe ring - worst gift ever

  1. Used toe ring - Veronique in our accounts department let us know about her worst gift and we were shocked to say the least. Off course it prompted the question, how did you know it was used. "No comment" was all we got out of her.
  2. Granny panties - You may have seen these as large, comfortable, tan coloured underwear. The type that is used for boat sails or when you are having one of those days. What makes this gift worse is that Holly from our Contact Centre received these when she was 12!
  3. Handkerchief - Thankfully not used! Eddie in maintenance said, all though useful was not exactly the most desirable gift. It;s the though that counts.
  4. Facecloth - Stephen, one of Directors, was excited to unwrap a gift that had been under the tree for a few weeks but could not hide his disappointment when he found out what it was. Not to worry Stephen, at least you had something to wash away the tears.
  5. Underwear - More underwear in the top ten, however this one for completely different reasons. Amanda from finance tells us that the gift itself was not too bad, except it was not from her husband!
  6. Nothing - No, not forgetting the gift but simply not giving it. Robbie from marketing was headed for a 16th birthday helicopter ride but the line was too long. Result, no gift!
  7. Shower gel - Nothing says I didn't have time to think about you and I don't know what you want like a shower gel gift says Yabo from accounts.
  8. Book of fairies - Not the worst gift if you are a child says, Simone from marketing, but when you are 16 and pulling out fairy wish envelopes from your new book the gift is not very appreciated.
  9. Socks - Neil is an accountant so you would be forgiven for thinking socks are an exciting gift. It seems no matter what, don't go for socks.
  10. Six-pack of Savannah - Coming in last place was the cider drink for many occasions. What made this a bad gift was that Brad from finance does not drink them. It seems most bad gifts can be avoided with a little bit of effort in finding out what people like.

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    Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 December 2015 | Tips And Hints