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You Put What In Your Self Storage Unit?!

It's easy to do, stick all your possessions into black bags and boxes and store them in a self storage unit. But what are you really putting in there? The most common mistake people make is thinking that all self storage units are the same size. This is not true. A good self storage facility will have units of all sizes available so you can store anything you want and using a space that is smaller is cheaper. So if saving money while you store is the name of the game then how are you going to get all your stuff into a smaller unit?

This is actually easier than you think, you just need to be a little more ruthless with what you are keeping and what you need to throw away. Believe it or not most self storage units contain items that will never be used again. Old magazines, toiletries like bottles of sun cream, your school books. What are you really going to do with those books? Broken coffee machines that you will fix one day, the mountain bike you would have used every weekend. Many things can be sold to generate extra cash, hopefully paying for your storage at the same time.

A great rule of thumb is if you have not used it in the last year then chances are you do not need it, time to sell or throw it out.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 17 October 2011 | Tips And Hints