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Your Mattress Is Not Safe In Self Storage

Anyone moving home and using self storage will know that having a place to keep your stuff is ideal for that transition period. What you may not know is that simply dumping your mattress into a self storage unit is not the best thing to do. In fact it is so important to protect your mattress we dedicated an entire blog post to just your mattress.

So here are some helpful tips and advice when storing your mattress.

1. Wrap it
Self storage units are designed to have airflow to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew. However, this means that sometimes your unit will be exposed to dust. To prevent your mattress from looking like the beach when you take it out, wrap it in plastic. It is a simple and easy fix that will save you thousands on buying a new mattress. You can also pick up a plastic mattress cover from any of our branches, we sell all the self storage packaging you may need.

Mattress in self storage
Image: Dial-a-Bed

2. Position it
Standing a mattress up against a wall uses the height of your self storage unit and saves space to pack other things. The problem with that is that your mattress may warp and cause damage to the internal structure if left over time. This means all though you have a mattress it won't be much good for you. Rather lay it flat on the ground or base. If this is not possible then try and prop the mattress between two cupboards or your bed base in order to support it.

3. Plan it
Too often a self storage unit is packed like a game of tetris with the pieces thrown into place in the order they are arrive. Try and plan how you are going to store each item with the largest pieces at the back and the smaller pieces in front. This will save you space in the long run and in addition you can plan to ensure you are not putting heavy items on top of your mattress. Heavy items left over time on your mattress can cause an indentation and damage your mattress.

For more helpful self storage tips and hints visit our website.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 04 November 2013 | Tips And Hints