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Top Tips To Declutter

The start of the new year can be the start of a fresh new home and an opportunity to clear the clutter that has been holding you back in the past. There is no better time that right now to begin your decluttering and clearing process. Don't be daunted by the task ahead, wondering where you should start cleaning. Here are our top tips to declutter that should help you attain your New Years resolution to clean up your home.

One at a time
Choose the room you want to clear and don't move to another room until you are done. The trick to choosing the room is to know yourself. If you need a quick win to encourage you to continue then choose a room that needs the least work. Clearing and cleaning here will give you a quick win and a sense of accomplishment that should assist in moving onto the next room. If you think you can handle a bit more then you could choose a room that you are often in but requires a bit more work. Clearing out all of the kitchen cupboards or tackling the toilet may not be glorious but if this is where you spend a lot of your time at home it will give you a sense of a clean and fresh start early in your cleaning. Above all, do not start a new room until you are satisfied with the room you are cleaning now.

Be brutal

More than likely you have a cluttered room because you were unwilling to throw out the items you don't need. Now is the time to change that mentality. Get rid of broken appliances, magazines you have read, old clothes (even if you hope to fit into them one day!) and boxes of items you have previously purchased. You will be surprised with how much space can be saved with simply removing the garbage.
Get some extra storage space
Visit your local plastics store or craft markets and invest in a set of drawers. These drawers are convenient places to store items so that they are not laying around haphazardly and cluttering your home. It is important not to take all the items in the "Be brutal" tip above and simply put them into drawers. What should go in here is items you will need less frequently, a good book you read every now and then, a pen, nail polish or cellphone chargers.

Stick with it
Decluttering is a process and not a quick fix. Go through your home room by room and bear in mind that one room may take a number of days. Perseverance is rewarding and you will eventually have a neat and clean place to live. Once you have cleaned a room (and eventually your entire home) remember to stick to cleaning habits, such as throwing out packaging or broken items. This will make it easier to maintain your new clean living style.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 January 2016 | Tips And Hints