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Corporate Mall

Corporate Mall is an e-commerce retailer started by Logan Naidoo to fulfil the demand for top-quality equipment and accessories to help busy professionals work from home or on the move. During the shakeup caused by the hard COVID-19 lockdown, Corporate Mall’s services were more in need than ever before, and they stepped up to the challenge without missing a beat.

With the majority of the workforce ordered to work remotely in 2020, Corporate Mall provided those unfamiliar with a flexible workspace with the devices and equipment necessary to work with confidence regardless of location. "Since people were spending more time at home because of COVID, they needed to gym from home as well, so we actually started focussing on our own brand called ‘We are 2020’ which specialised in products that people would use for fitness at home," says Logan.

Find out more about Corporate Mall and their tech solutions on their website or read about their business journey on our blog.

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