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With an estimated 30% of South African girls missing school due to menstruation and a lack of access to period products, something had to be done. After discovering the excessive cost and discomfort of traditional period products, Selaelo Mathekga and his business partner, Dzumbuluwani Mmbara, established Mongato Brands.

After educating themselves on the issue at hand, Selaelo and Dzumbuluwani established Mongato with the idea to end period issues for young girls and women by creating natural, non-invasive period underwear. Designed to be low-cost, durable, effective and hygienic, Mongato’s period panties use advanced technology to combat odours and absorb ten times more than standard menstruation products. Whether hitting the books, sports field or office deadlines, Mongato’s incredible product allows women to go about their day in confidence and comfort.

If you are interested in trying out Mongato’s period panties, you can visit their website to browse their selection or read more about their incredible business journey on our blog.

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