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Porto Fish and Chips

Every special dish has a secret ingredient. From a unique blend of herbs and spices to a complex cooking method that has been passed down over generations, every incredible dish has an equally incredible story. For Porto Fish and Chips, that story is family.

After leaving his home in Madeira in 1970 for a new life in South Africa, Francisco Gonçalves Filipe began sharing the flavour of his home through his newly opened takeaways business, Porto Fish and Chips. More than 50 years later, Francisco’s granddaughter, Wendy-Lee Filipe, continues the family legacy by bottling their famed peri-peri sauce to share with the rest of South Africa. Thanks to the Filipe family's secret recipe, Porto's peri-peri sauce packs in a world of flavour in every bite.

To find out more about Porto Fish and Chips and their mouth-watering peri-peri sauce, visit their website or read about their business journey on our blog.

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