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While the allure of the great outdoors may be appealing, many of us lack the pricey equipment needed to explore nature at its best. Inspired by his own experience lacking a critical piece of equipment on a gruelling trip, Jacques de Villiers, with his business partners, Viljoen du Plooy and Meiring de Wet, began the journey of starting Scuttle in 2016.

Now more than 5 years later, Scuttle focuses on sustainability and accessibility, providing adventurers with an extensive range of top-quality outdoor equipment to rent. As a leading outdoor product rental company, Scuttle allows outdoor enthusiasts to explore without negatively impacting the environment with single-use purchases. “It gives people the opportunity to do more things outdoors and it’s not determined by what you own,” says Jacques.

To find out more about Scuttle and their services, visit their website or read their business journey on our blog.

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