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Sport has always played a significant role in leading and developing our youth. However, when it comes to heavy contact sports like rugby, there’s not a whole lot a player can do on his own - until now. While others saw an unsolvable problem, Gary Crookes saw an opportunity to be innovative and began developing a ball that would change the game forever.

After plenty of trial and error, Gary created ShadowBall in 2013. While traditional rugby balls are shaped for quick passing, ShadowBall’s ingenious design allows players to practise throwing, passing and receiving without a partner. “What makes the shadow ball unique is that it’s got a flat end which allows it to bounce off any wall and come back to the passer or catcher,” Gary says. Along with supplying professional teams like the Springboks, All Blacks and the Stormers, Gary and his team are helping children develop their skills and confidence through The ShadowBall Academy.

To find out more about ShadowBall and The Shadow Ball Academy, you can visit their website or read about Gary’s impressive business journey on our blog.

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