Careers Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a job?
Take a look through the current vacancies and then click here to download your application form. Once completed you can email this to

We will screen all employment applicants and if you are successful you will be invited to an interview. There is usually more than one round of interviews where you will meet with various managers.

Should your application for a job not receive a response within two weeks of being submitted, please accept that your application has been unsuccessful.

2. What are the operating hours?
Various Stor-Age job requirements have different operating hours. Our stores are open on weekends and public holidays, as well as extended hours at month end.

Head office hours are 08:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday.

3. Is there any training provided?
New staff are provided with the relevant training for their particular job. Depending on which position this may take a few days to a week. We regularly send staff on outside training courses to ensure your career development.
In addition there are a number of Learning and Development opportunities offered:

  • six-week intensive job-related training for all new store staff
  • two-day induction for all Head Office staff
  • annual personal development planning discussion
  • access to five Foundation Capability courses
  • access to five Support Capability courses
  • access to on-the-job coaching, workshops and advice
  • access to external seminars, workshops and professional advisors

4. What are my career prospects like?
Stor-Age is a rapidly expanding company and is the leading self storage brand in South Africa. As a result of additional stores being built and acquired promotional opportunities from your current or prospective Stor-Age job are excellent.

5. Are there any benefits with my employment? (click here to view all staff benefits)

  • competitive salaries bench-marked against positions with similar requirements in terms of competencies (knowledge, skills, behaviours) and responsibility
  • an annual salary review that is in line with overall company performance, changes in the cost of living and rewards exceptional individual contributions
  • a monthly commission-based incentive scheme for Operations Managers and Operations Assistants
  • a staff-of-the-month voucher for Facility Assistants
  • access to favourable medical cover for qualifying staff
  • access to discounted self storage space
  • regular staff social events

6. Would I have to travel between stores?
For operational reasons we do require that all staff are flexible with their transportation arrangements.

7. How is Stor-Age organised?
Each store has:

  • an Operations Manager with overall responsibility for managing staff and store performance
  • an Operations Assistant that works with the Operations Manager to deliver excellent customer service
  • a number (depending the size of the store) of Facility Assistants that attend to security, access control and facility cleanliness
  • access to the promotional van and Driver

Head Office supports the stores with:

  • a team of Directors
  • a Finance and Accounting team
  • a national operations, sales and marketing team
  • HR and;
  • a new store developments team