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so you can park your car in your garage

Are you moving home, renovating, de-cluttering your home? Does your garage look like it will never have a car in it again? Do you need that extra space for something more useful?

Our solutions are not just garage storage spaces, we have unit sizes ranging from one cubic metre up to 150 square metres of bulk storage space. A typical garage storage space is about 18 square metres, however you should only rent the space you need. Our team is professionally trained to ensure that you receive the best service and value at our purpose-built storage facilities, we won’t just recommend a garage storage space if you don’t need it, why pay for space you simply do not need.

As our client, you can be assured that your valuables will be highly secured when storing your goods with us. Our broad security features range from cctv cameras, electric fences and access control systems. In addition, you will receive a unique, entry tag which will act as a personal key for entering your Stor-Age premises.

There are many benefits for using Stor-Age, not just getting your garage storage space back. Check out our benefits of using self storage page for more information such as accessed controlled entry and storage packaging to suit your needs (we provide boxes, cello tape and bubble wrap which can be delivered to your home).

Lastly, there’s no long term contracts. You only need to give us 14 days notice before you vacate your unit. We also offer an easy debit order pay option where we place the monthly payment instruction for you. Give us a call today and claim your garage storage space back.

When can you move in? The same day you need it.