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How you can support the Kolisi Foundation

As a proud sponsor of the Kolisi Foundation, we invite our customers to support this life-changing initiative through a donation of their choice, which can be done by visiting the Kolisi Foundation website. For each donation made by a Stor-Age customer, Stor-Age will match it. Please use the reference ‘Stor-Age’ when making payment. Terms and conditions apply.

Our partnership with the Kolisi Foundation

Stor-Age partnered with the Kolisi Foundation in April 2021 to assist them in their mission to uplift under-resourced communities in South Africa, as well as to address gender-based violence and food security. Through the partnership, Stor-Age aims to help the Foundation place a greater emphasis on alleviating extreme poverty, mentoring underprivileged youth and promoting equality in the country.

Co-founder Rachel Kolisi says, “It’s been incredible to see how organisations, such as Stor-Age, continue to step up and play an invaluable part by mobilising their resources and expressing their generosity through collaborative efforts such as these. We look forward to seeing how this partnership continues to develop.”

Since the partnership was established, Stor-Age has assisted the Foundation with its annual blanket drive, promoting the initiative on all of our platforms and storing more than 1 200 donated blankets in our storage facilities for distribution to communities in need. We look forward to helping the Foundation with more community upliftment initiatives such as this, making a difference where it’s needed most.