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Moving home

Whether you need more room for your growing family or simply want a change of scenery, everyone will move house at some point in their lives. Although this should be an exciting experience, it can often be stressful and overwhelming if you don’t have a reliable place to store your belongings during the transition. As experts in the self storage industry, we provide secure and affordable units of various sizes so you don’t have to worry about your valuable possessions being damaged or lost in the move.

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Here are just a few reasons why thousands of families across South Africa choose us as their self storage partner during a home move:

Conveniently-located stores

Stor-Age is the largest self storage company in South Africa, with over 55 stores nationwide. Each of our stores is centrally located in South Africa’s major cities for your convenience. Whether you live in the bustling business hub of Johannesburg or on Cape Town’s serene coastline, Stor-Age is no more than a few minutes away.

Lock up and go units

Our storage units are an extension of your home, and like your home, you get your very own key and the freedom to come and go as you like. With your secure access tag, you can move all your belongings in and out of the store with a simple tap of a tag. The unit is locked with your padlock and you keep the key, ensuring that you have complete control over your unit.

Flexible rental agreements

If you’re moving house and only need to store your furniture for a month or two, you can with Stor-Age! With our month-to-month contracts, you can stay for as short as one month or as long as you need. If you want to upsize or downsize your unit, it’s as easy as contacting your store and our friendly staff will help you make the adjustments.

Moving services

We know how inconvenient and expensive it can be to find quality boxes, rent a moving van and find a reliable storage facility. That’s why at Stor-Age, we have it all. Our online packaging store offers a wide selection of packaging items, from large boxes and bubble wrap to locks and goods protectors. If you don't have time to order and collect from your nearest store, we also have a home delivery service that can deliver all your packaging items straight to your doorstep. With our van rental service, you can include a Stor-Age driver with your van rental trip, and if you purchase your packaging boxes with us, we'll deliver them on the same trip.*

Safety and security

During a big move, houses can often become a target and your belongings have a high risk of being stolen, damaged, or lost. At Stor-Age, you never have to worry about your prized possessions disappearing overnight. Our stores are equipped with state-of-the-art security such as computer-controlled access, electrified perimeter fencing, alarm systems, 24-hour CCTV surveillance, and fire protection systems to ensure your goods have around-the-clock protection.*

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