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Stor-Age Careers Matthew Mogale



Why did you choose to apply to Stor-Age?

I was impressed by the growth of the company and the prospect of that continued growth.

What does an average day in your position entail?

Enquiry management – follow ups and sales. Assisting with store call overflows. Sales forecast and reporting. Training new contact centre members.

What learning opportunities have you been exposed to while at Stor-Age?

Growth Development Forum. SiteLink training, Management principles. Sales training and CC workshop (High Performance Training).

How do you make a difference by contributing towards the core values of the business?

Staying in an intrapreneurial mindset allows me to continuously refine processes and systems so we remain relevant while standard of operation.

What highlights have you enjoyed whilst employed at Stor-Age?

I have had the opportunity to work in two different regions of the company while training under some of the company’s strongest performers.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the business?

Our venture into the UK markets is definitely viewed as a milestone for us and I am keen for the opportunities that will be opening up as a result thereof. Our growth on the share price indicates the company is in a healthy position so more of the same is expected in future. I’m impressed that the company culture has been maintained despite our growth.

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