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Did You Know? Amazing Facts About Self Storage

The self storage industry is burgeoning not only in South Africa but also internationally. Stor-Age recently purchased eight self storage properties from Public Storage in Pretoria (Public Storage (South Africa) has no affiliation to NYSE listed Public Storage (PSA)), representing the largest ever self storage transaction completed in the South African market. In light of this record deal we picked out a few other interesting self storage facts.

Finding all the best business, investment and financial Tweets around, Business Times recently tweeted:
  • The self-storage industry boasts more domestic locations than McDonald’s, Subway and Jack in the Box combined.
The national trade association serving the self storage industry in the USA notes:
  • There is a self storage space inventory of 20 sq.ft. per U.S. household
  • Some 65% of all self storage renters have a garage but still rent a unit
(Source: Self Storage Association)

Business Record, described as, leading business news. The best business Tweets. And then some articles and blogs that I like and want to share with you on my Twitter feed, posted this:
  • The self-storage industry takes in $22 billion annually.

Stor-Age Self Storage Gardens with lights

It is clear that the self storage industry is large and growing. The current capitalist culture of acquiring goods and the notion of a throw-away society has supported this growth around the world. Customers in well established industries have come to expect the added features and benefits of a modern self storage store, such as:
  • Convenient location within a few kilometers of their home
  • A retail packaging reception area for all self storage related ancillary items
  • Rental of, or at the least, recommendations for removals vans
  • Excellent access and security controls
  • A selection of unit sizes to fit storage needs
  • The availability of trolleys to move larger items in and out of storage

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 09 June 2014 | Take A Break