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Five Ways To Get Out Of Helping Your Friends Move

We recently posted a story about Five Ways To Get Your Friends To Help You Move and we thought in the interest of being fair it was only good to provide five ways to get out of helping your friends move. We have based your excuses on the previous article, so if you have a friend looking for some help here are five ways to prevent it without using "the dog ate my homework." Please be pre-warned, this may involve some truth bending.

1. Your friend's bribe: Pay them
Your excuse: I just won on a scratch card / Got a raise

Your friend is looking to save cash, that means they are not willing to pay what a professional removals company would charge. Essentially this is the only fee you would be willing to accept to move all of your friends junk. The solution? Let them know you already received a small windfall and plan to spend it while they are moving. Be careful not to overstate this amount too much, as a large amount may bring the expectation that you would help your friend with the move financially or even take them out to celebrate.

2. Your friend's bribe: Feed them
Your excuse: I am not feeling well

Nothing says I cannot help like being ill. Here too care must be taken not to provide an illness that is too serious causing your friend to want to drop in and help you. You also need to consider that you may want to do something social in the evening so you only need to be 'sick' for the day. Best to steer clear of Ebola and the like and stick with something simple. In this case, "I think I ate something bad last night" will do. It allows you to be off in the day and make a miraculous recovery for the evening.

Ryan from Stor-Age giving an excuse for moving

3. Your friend's bribe: Blackmail - emotional
Your excuse: One-up their blackmail

Your friend knows a few things you have done in the past that you would like to remain hidden. The threat of revealing these to make you work also works in reverse. You know them and what they have done. Your silence can be bought at a price, you will not be moving that fridge today. Your friend could also throw out the emotional blackmail tool, stating that their mom is sick, their dad is away and you are their best friend. The only way to combat this is to steel yourself, remember the goal here is not to carry all their junk. Let them know you are working and it is financial month end, you cannot get out of it.

4. Your friend's bribe: Take one object while helping
Your excuse: My place is so cluttered

This is a sweet gesture but you know that the 'take on object' rule is not going to be anything of value. It's not like you are going to get a TV here, you are more likely to end up with an old handbag or a smoothie machine that just needs one part to work. Let your friend know that your house has so much clutter and you are trying to get rid of things. You can even add in that your boyfriend / wife / mother, etc. Has let you know you cannot bring anything else into the house until there has been a proper clean out.

5. Your friend's bribe: A favour for a favour
Your excuse: You still owe me (if available) OR family meeting

This is a tricky one to get out of as you will definitely need some help some time in the future and you don't want to close the door on that. Ideally you have a previous situation in mind where you have helped out so you are essentially already one up on the 'you owe me a favour' column. If that fails a family meeting is always a good excuse. It is something you cannot get out of and your friend will understand that it is family first.

Warning: The most devastating lead question your friend may use is, "What are you doing this weekend?" It is designed to nullify your excuse library as soon as you confirm you have no plans. The best way to counter this is to have a pre-prepared excuse, such as a trip to home affairs to renew your ID. This can take all day and effectively removes you from the action but also leaves you open to say the process was quick and efficient allowing you to do other things in the day if needed.

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Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 18 August 2014 | Tips And Hints