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Spotted In Cape Town - USA To UK To SA

We took a walk around our Edgemead Storage Facility today and bumped into Bill and Jeri from Chicago, USA. The first thing we noticed was their chirpy and pleasant, "Hello", with a distinct American accent. We found out that they have moved to Cape Town from London saying, "... the weather was not great!" We know exactly what you mean Bill and Jeri, welcome to South Africa.

Bill and Jeri were busy going through a few of their items and transferring from one unit to another so they could get their belongings more organised. We could not help but notice they had quite a few Big Yellow Self Storage boxes with them. It turns out that they had used Big Yellow's services in London, so they are quite familiar with the self storage product.

Self storage in the UK and the USA is well established with everyone making use of the service at some point in their life. Whether for moving, renovating, storing business goods, student papers/books or as a lifestyle choice to store sports equipment, everyone can use a self storage unit at some point. In this case Bill and Jeri are making sure they have all their possessions safely stored until they need them and selling a few things along the way.

We are delighted that Bill and Jeri confirmed the Stor-Age Self Storage brand compares favourably with our international counterparts.

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 10 January 2011 |