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Who uses self storage in South Africa?

The self storage industry in South Africa has seen incredible growth over recent years, reflecting a shift in how residents and businesses manage their space. As urban areas become more congested and lifestyles more dynamic, the answer to the question "who uses self storage?" has changed. 

More South Africans, spanning a diverse range of demographics and professions, are turning to these flexible, secure, and cost-effective storage solutions. Read on to discover who the biggest users of self storage in South Africa are and the unique reasons behind the industry’s surging popularity.

Is self storage popular in South Africa?

The demand for self storage in South Africa has grown significantly. As major cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg expand, and urbanisation accelerates, South Africans are having to rethink how they manage their space. 

The evolution of our personal space has meant that mobility, downsizing, and the need for decluttered living is becoming the norm. Also, the rise in entrepreneurial businesses, especially in e-commerce, has given rise to a new market for flexible and secure business storage solutions to safely store items like inventory, documents, equipment,  office furniture, and more. 

Who uses self storage the most? 

 who uses self storage

It goes without saying then that self storage plays a big role in the lives of South Africans, but who uses self storage the most and is it right for you? Below, we share a few trends and insights into self storage users across South Africa. 


People between the ages of 25 and 70 years old are some of the biggest users of self storage in South Africa, relying on storage when they move homes or simply need to declutter. 

Moreover, as travel becomes an integral part of the modern South African lifestyle, many travellers and those emigrating are using self storage to store their belongings while overseas. 


In the bustling world of commerce, businesses, especially SMEs (small, medium or micro enterprises), are top users of self storage. 

Most businesses looking for storage solutions fall into the construction sector.

However, we have a diverse range of business clients in industries like retail, events and entertainment, food and beverage, manufacturing, and marketing, who all use self storage. 


The academic calendar can often disrupt households. As semesters come to a close, students, especially those from abroad, need temporary storage solutions to store their belongings. Self storage is a great option for them, offering flexible space close to major universities with short-term leases and additional benefits like packaging and van hire


Self storage isn't only about personal belongings or business items. People also need emergency storage when life happens, which could include a natural disaster or a disruption in the family. This type of self storage is most often short-term.

Reasons why people use self storage in South Africa 

 who uses self storage

Self storage in South Africa has become a key part of many peoples’ and businesses' lives. Here are some of the most common reasons behind the rising reliance on self storage in the country:

1. Relocation

Whether moving houses or cities, many South Africans need a temporary space to store their belongings. This is especially true when there's a gap between leaving one home and moving into another. Storage facilities offer a safe haven during such transitional periods, ensuring belongings are securely kept until they can be transferred to their new home.

2. Renovation

Renovations or improvements to a home or business is a key reason why many people use self storage. As rooms or entire sections of properties get a makeover, renovation storage helps you store furniture and other items in a secure storage facility off-site, keeping them safe and out of the way.

3. Downscaling

Whether it's a choice to embrace a minimalist lifestyle or a necessity due to changing circumstances, when families choose to move to smaller living spaces, they often have possessions they're not ready to part with. Storage units offer a solution, allowing cherished belongings to be safely stored without crowding the new, smaller space.

4. Travel

For those bitten by the travel bug or heading off on extended work trips, leaving your possessions behind in a secure space is important. Self storage offers travel storage solutions that give people the peace of mind to explore the world, knowing their belongings are safe back home.

5. Life events

Certain key moments in life, be it retirement, death of a loved one, divorce, or kids moving out, can lead to a change in how much space we need. These sudden life changes often call for a temporary or long-term storage solution to store our most valuable possessions, and self storage has become an easy and stress-free option for many. 

6. Business inventory

For businesses, especially startups and SMEs, renting a large commercial space can be a huge financial strain (and a long-term commitment). To keep overheads low, more South African businesses are turning to storage facilities to safely house their inventory at a price they can afford, and for as long as they need whether that be a month or a year. 

Facilities like Stor-Age offer large storage units and smart micro-warehousing spaces that allow for flexibility in stock management while ensuring goods remain in prime condition until they're needed.

7. Document storage

In an era of digitalisation, people still have crucial documents in physical form that need safekeeping. From legal papers to historical records, storage facilities provide secure document storage units that are protected from the elements and potential damage. This has helped many businesses and individuals keep their important documents intact and easily accessible when needed.

8. Vehicle parking

Not everyone has the luxury of a garage or a secure parking space. Whether it's a prized vintage car, a caravan for those weekend getaways, or even boats, self storage facilities in South Africa offer specialised vehicle storage spaces to ensure vehicles remain secure and in tip-top condition.

9. Moving office

Lastly, businesses, particularly those in growth phases, often need to relocate. During these moves, office furniture, equipment, and essential documents might need a temporary home. Storage solutions provide that necessary space, keeping business items safe throughout the transition.

The world of self storage is as diverse as the people and businesses that use it. From households to businesses, the reasons and needs vary, but the solution remains consistent: a safe, flexible, and cost-effective space. 

If you're looking for a unique storage solution tailored to your needs, there's no place better than Stor-Age, South Africa's leading storage provider. With a wide variety of storage units available on flexible leases, you can store all your household, business, or student items for as long as you need.  

To learn more about our services, give us a call on 0861 18 18 18 or request a quick and easy online quote!

Posted by Stor-Age Self Storage - 15 September 2023 | Tips And Hints