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Demo World

While retailers see a scratched or slightly dented product as unsellable, businessman Mahendra Naidoo saw an opportunity. With the cost of living continuing to rise and the cost of top-of-the-line products rising just as fast, Mahendra saw an opportunity to provide people with top-quality goods at a rate they could afford. Introducing Demo World!

Situated in Constantia Park in Pretoria, Demo World is now the go-to supplier for first-rate box-damaged products ranging from demo fridges and dishwashers to sofa sets, smart televisions and more. With many families in South Africa struggling to make ends meet, Demo World is a financial blessing. By allowing consumers to purchase fully-functional store-rejected products, Mahendra and his team provide South Africans with the household items they need at a radically discounted rate. Although the items are partially damaged, all Demo World products feature a warranty, allowing customers to shop with confidence.

If you’re on the market for quality products minus the eye-popping price tag, visit Demo World’s Facebook Page to browse their latest selection or read about their inspiring business journey on our blog.

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